Window Installation Fort Lauderdale FL

Windows are a critical component of a home’s design, functionality and feel. They also protect against hurricanes and tropical storms, deter criminals, and increase the value of a property. They’re also a great way to save on energy costs.

Window installation Fort Lauderdale FL is offered by local contractors who can customize their services to meet the needs of clients. They can provide a variety of window and door styles, as well as repair broken glass.

Reece Windows & Doors

Reece Windows & Doors provides impact-resistant window and door installation services to homeowners in Fort Lauderdale. The company offers products that have passed the Florida Building Code and are backed by customer support. Its vinyl frames are maintenance-free and less costly than wood frames. Its products also meet Energy Star requirements and help lower energy bills.

This Fort Lauderdale-based home improvement contractor installs weather-resistant single-hung, casement, and two light horizontal rolling and awning windows. Its employees can also install sliding and French doors. They offer glass options, including tinted and low-e glass.

BNT Impact Windows & Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade your home windows, consider impact-resistant ones. These windows are more durable than standard hurricane windows and have several layers of glass to protect against brute force, high-speed winds, and flying debris. They can also add to your home’s value.

BNT Impact Windows and Doors is a specialty contractor that specializes in installing storm-resistant windows and doors for homeowners. It offers a wide variety of products, including horizontal rolling, awning, and casement windows and sliding and French doors. Its staff has over 35 years of combined experience.

Gold Coast Windows & Doors

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Gold Coast Windows & Doors provides impact-resistant windows and doors. The company has a team of experts that can collaborate with clients to create custom window and door designs for their projects. They can also help homeowners install garage doors and home entry doors.

The company offers a range of residential and commercial glass and glazing services. It can repair broken or damaged windows and doors. Its installers can also replace roof tiles and bathtubs. They offer warranties on all of their work and products.

Soflo Impact Windows

Impact-resistant windows beautify and enhance your home while providing round-the-clock protection from flying debris during tropical storms and hurricanes. They also prevent burglary, block harmful uv rays and reduce exterior noise. Some homeowners even qualify for in-home insurance policy discounts as a result of installing these windows.

This company offers both pocket and full-frame installations. The former involves replacing the existing frame, which may add to installation costs. They also offer a warranty and financing options.

Before choosing a window manufacturer, do your research online and offline. Make sure to look for manufacturers over distributors, as the latter often require third parties to manufacture and install their products, which increases the overall cost of the window.

High End Impact Windows and Doors

Unlike traditional windows, impact windows can withstand the full force of a hurricane. This provides homeowners with protection and peace of mind. They also reduce noise and help homeowners save money on their home insurance premiums. These benefits make it worthwhile for homeowners to invest in impact windows.

Another benefit of impact windows is that they can help prevent the fading of furniture and fabrics. This is important for homeowners who are considering selling their homes in the future. In addition, these windows can increase a home’s resale value.

Fonte Fix Construction

Fonte Fix Construction is a home improvement contractor that serves clients in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. Its crews install hurricane impact windows and doors, as well as other disaster-resistant products. They can also replace the exterior of a house, and provide other services.

Its team can collaborate with clients to make design plans and offer product recommendations. It can also perform on-site consultations and educate homeowners about hurricane protection. The company can also provide a variety of door and window styles, including horizontal rolling, casement, and picture or fixed windows.

Secure Window Solutions

Adding impact windows to your home can provide a variety of benefits, including protection from strong winds and debris. They are designed with a sheet of laminate in between the glass panels, which prevents them from shattering and creating projectiles that could harm people and animals. Impact windows are also more energy efficient and can lower your home insurance premiums.

Secure Window Solutions is a licensed contractor that provides services for residential and commercial properties in Fort Lauderdale. The company specializes in installing hurricane-resistant single-hung, casement, and sliding windows. Its crews can also install awning and balcony doors. They are punctual, clean, and honest and always cover furniture before they start working.