Front Entry Doors Fort Lauderdale FL

Front entry doors Fort Lauderdale FL add heavy-duty security and energy efficiency to homes. They also offer protection against harsh weather conditions and burglary.

They can withstand strong winds and are an excellent choice for houses close to beaches or airports. They also provide noise suppression and good UV protection, preserving furniture and artwork over time.

Single Entry Doors

Front doors play a big role in your home’s aesthetic. They should be tough against the elements and match the general structure of your property. This is why you need to rely on a professional door dealer to ensure quality.

French entry doors are a popular choice in Fort Lauderdale FL, combining sophistication and charm with natural light. They are a great solution for homes that connect indoor spaces to outdoor areas such as patios or gardens.

Impact decorative entrance doors are strong and resilient, built to withstand wind speeds up to 390 miles per hour. They are a safe choice for homeowners in Florida, meeting the stringent requirements of Miami-Dade County and state.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors offer a stylish look while adding more strength to your home’s entrance. They’re available in a variety of aesthetics including transoms and sidelites. These are rounded, non-opening windows that add beauty to the door and permit natural light into your home’s interior.

These large front doors can be made of wood, coated steel, or fiberglass composite that’s patterned to mimic real wood grain. All of these options can stand up to hurricane-force winds and provide a strong barrier to intruders. They’re also energy efficient and help homeowners lower their utility costs in Florida’s warm climate. Energy-efficient homes have a higher resale value.

Dutch Entry Doors

Dutch doors (also known as half or split doors) add a charming element to the front of your home. They can be opened as one door or two separate halves, allowing you to let in more fresh air and natural light. They also make for a great conversation starter.

Entry doors should balance form and function. They need to withstand Florida’s humid climate and offer good energy efficiency. They should also be durable, robust, and secure to ward off break-ins. Fiberglass entry doors are popular in Fort Lauderdale FL for their durability and low maintenance requirements. They also resist warping, rust, and other damages due to humidity.

Barn Entry Doors

A popular choice for homes that want to bring a rustic and charming aesthetic, barn entry doors work on a sliding mechanism. These doors can be customized in terms of panel arrangement and wood type to match any home design.

Fiberglass doors are durable and require minimal maintenance. They also offer energy-efficiency, helping homeowners save on cooling costs.

Steel doors are heavy-duty and provide protection against forced entry. They’re a great choice for Fort Lauderdale residents who want a front door that’s both stylish and functional.

Composite doors combine a metal frame with an insulating core. They’re a good option for homeowners who want to blend modern clean lines with traditional style and durability.

Traditional with Side Glass Entry Doors

In a region like South Florida, impulsive weather conditions and high-velocity hurricanes demand a fortified home. For many, this is best achieved with impact doors that combine protection from severe storms with enhanced security against intrusions and break-ins.

Unlike traditional hinges, impact doors use a system of pivot hinges in the bottom portion of the frame. This allows for oversized door systems that are visually striking and also improve home energy efficiency by blocking heat transfer.

They come in a range of styles from classic French doors to modern farmhouse entry doors. Some styles include a frosted glass design that brings in more natural light and adds character to a home.

Arched Top Entry Doors

Make a statement with the Miranda 6-Lite Arch-Top Mahogany Wood Double Entry Door. This gorgeous door is built to withstand the harsh elements of Florida’s humid climate and provides unmatched resilience and security.

Modern doors feature clean lines that complement contemporary architecture and offer a sophisticated appearance. They’re great for Fort Lauderdale homes that want to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces for seamless entertaining and living.

Fiberglass doors are a popular choice in Florida due to their durability and resistance to moisture and salt air. They also provide excellent insulation to keep your home cool. Wooden doors accentuate the warm and welcoming feeling of traditional home designs. They require regular maintenance to combat the humidity and sun exposure of Florida’s weather.