Front Entry Doors Fort Lauderdale FL

Your front door is a major focal point for your home. It shows off your unique style, and it also plays a critical role in security.

Having an impact-rated entry door installed boosts your home’s value and protects it from intruders and debris. These doors look like regular ones but are designed to resist hurricane-force winds and withstand repeated smashing, banging, and pushing.


Stylish impact doors enhance the look of your home and improve energy efficiency. They are an essential upgrade for Fort Lauderdale homes, addressing safety concerns while improving the resale value and aesthetic of your property.

Aluminum front doors are lightweight and sturdy, with a sleek look that complements modern designs. They resist corrosion and rust, and require minimal maintenance. They are also effective insulators, helping reduce your cooling costs.

Craftsman entry doors feature a rustic look that blends traditional elements with modern simplicity. They are ideal for Fort Lauderdale homeowners looking for a style that blends natural materials with functional design.


Fort Lauderdale homeowners often choose wood doors for their rich sense of character and beauty. They’re highly customizable, allowing them to fit any home design. They’re also durable, resisting moisture and sun damage.

South Florida’s impulsive weather conditions and high velocity hurricane zones call for robust home improvements. Front impact doors are a vital solution, providing 24/7 protection against severe weather and burglars.

Glass entry doors offer a sleek look and let natural light brighten up the space. They’re available with insulated cores for energy efficiency and security.


The right glass front door can add a striking look to your home’s entryway while still letting in plenty of natural light. This type of door also has an impact-resistant design that can resist heavy blows from flying debris during a storm, making them an excellent choice for homes located in areas prone to hurricanes.

Another great feature of impact doors is that they are difficult to break, which can provide an extra layer of security for your family and belongings. In addition, they can help save on energy costs by reducing your household’s heating and cooling consumption.


Fiberglass entry doors don’t rust, rot, or shrink and swell, making them a perfect match for South Florida’s humid climate. Their foam cores also create a thermal barrier that keeps homes cool and comfortable.

The heavy-duty construction of these doors also makes them durable, and they’re ideal for defending against severe storms and hurricanes. They come in a variety of eye-catching styles that enhance a home’s exterior. Bi-fold doors are versatile and contemporary, folding back to create a large opening. Battened and ledged doors offer rustic charm and are highly durable, suitable for Fort Lauderdale homes that want to connect indoors with outdoors.


Replacing your front door is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. It’s a home improvement that elevates safety, energy efficiency, and overall value.

Fiberglass doors are a top pick for Fort Lauderdale residents due to their durability and easy maintenance. They resist warping, splintering, corrosion, and moisture. Their foam cores also provide effective insulation, helping lower cooling costs in Florida’s sunny climate.

Our doors are available with a range of stunning glass patterns. Choose from single- or double-paneled styles to suit your architectural style. We also offer wrought iron patio doors for elegance and security.


Dutch doors add charm and personality to homes. They are a great way to let in natural light and air and can be opened as a door or window. This dual functionality offers a unique and beautiful aesthetic that complements both traditional and modern design aesthetics.

Signature Door Inc, an American manufacturer, produces bespoke front doors and entryways. Their collection includes swing doors, sliding glass doors, bi-folding doors and dutch doors. These doors can be customized to fit any home and lifestyle. They are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and styles. They also feature Miami-Dade and Florida-approved windows, allowing homeowners to create an exceptional focal point for their home.


Wrought iron front doors add an elegant touch to your home and help increase its resale value. They are also durable and serve as a deterrent for intruders.

Barn door entry doors offer a unique look that blends rustic, homey charm with contemporary clean lines and functionality. They’re ideal for Fort Lauderdale homes that want to create a welcoming entrance.

Metal barn doors are durable, secure, and easy to maintain. They’re suitable for all types of homes and come in a variety of styles. They can also be customized to match your personal style.