Door Companies Near Me

Doors may seem like simple furnishings at first glance, but they play a vital role in curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency. Choose a reputable door company to add stylish and durable doors to your Fort Lauderdale home or business.

Window World is a large window replacement and installation company known for its affordable prices. It carries a variety of window types, including impact-resistant windows.

Garage Doors

Located in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale FL is a popular tourist destination for its sunny beaches, shopping centers and gondola rides on the New River. It is also a popular place for home owners to live thanks to its great schools, abundant job opportunities and many parks and recreational areas. If you’re looking to improve the look of your home or increase its value, a new garage door from a local company is a great way to do both.

A new garage door from one of the best garage door companies near me Fort Lauderdale FL can add beauty and curb appeal to your property while making it more secure against intruders. An old, damaged garage door can be a tempting entry point for burglars, and regular maintenance is the best way to keep it functioning properly. A garage door that moves slowly, makes loud noises or jerks when closing may need a tune-up or new parts.

Entry Doors

Whether you are building a new luxury home in Fort Lauderdale or updating your existing entryway, iron doors will add a touch of elegance and grandeur to your property. They also provide a great barrier against intruders and hurricanes. They can even boost your resale value considerably.

Fiberglass entry doors are another high-impact upgrade to consider. Unlike steel and wood, they don’t rust or rot. Plus, they are extremely durable and have insulation values that far exceed traditional doors. Combined with Low-E windows, they create an effective thermal barrier to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Protect your home in Fort Lauderdale with impact-resistant doors from EcoView. Their expert installers will help you choose the right door to match your architectural style and budget. They can also replace your current doors with impact-resistant options to improve energy efficiency and enhance the look of your home. They’re strong enough to withstand a bowling ball and can shield your family from intruders and storm damage.

Screen Doors

For those in more temperate climates, a screen door allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without pesky insects invading your home. They can also help lower your energy bills by reducing drafts and increasing air flow through the front entrance.

A variety of mesh materials are available for screen doors, with fiberglass being one of the most popular choices because it is inexpensive and flexible. Other options include aluminum and vinyl coated glass mesh, which are both durable and offer more energy efficiency.

Some screen doors come with light-duty security, which is a good choice if you have pets that may try to escape through the open door. These doors are made with heavy gauge screens and solid panels, so they allow for plenty of sunlight and airflow, but keep out unwanted pests and criminals. For a more secure option, you can choose from a variety of high-grade steel and cut-proof screen doors.

Commercial Doors

The doors of your business tell the world a lot about you. The right choice communicates a welcoming message, enhances curb appeal and sets you apart from competitors. A well-designed storefront also deters vandals and thieves.

Commercial door manufacturers offer a wide variety of impact-resistant doors to protect your building and the people inside. They also provide non-impact doors for applications that don’t require hurricane resistance.

In addition to the doors themselves, commercial door companies also carry a complete line of commercial hardware, including exit devices, closers and leversets. They can help you select the correct parts for your specific needs and install them quickly and efficiently. They are a one-stop source for all your commercial door needs, whether you are located in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else in the state of Florida.