Residential Windows Fort Lauderdale FL

Residential windows Fort Lauderdale FL are manufactured with technologies that bring the world into your home while keeping the elements out. These innovations block harmful uv rays, reduce exterior noise and help to lower home energy costs.

Hurricanes, tropical storms and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on your property. Protect your investment by installing impact windows that deter intruders, improve your property value and reduce your insurance premiums.

Impact Resistance

Hurricanes and other tropical storms can leave behind debris that can break your windows. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, investing in impact windows Fort Lauderdale FL will protect your home and save you money. Unlike regular windows, impact windows are made of laminated glass with a shatterproof membrane. These windows will not only stand up to hurricane-force winds but also would-be intruders.

If you’re considering impact windows, it’s important to choose a reputable installer to ensure that they are installed correctly and provide the protection that you need. Make sure to ask about their track record and look for proof of certification and testing.

Other benefits of impact windows include energy efficiency, reduced noise, and a reduction in UV rays. Many insurance policies offer discounts on homes with impact windows. These discounts will help you recoup the cost of the windows quickly. They also make your home more secure and increase its value for resale.

Energy Efficiency

Florida’s sunshine and beaches may draw people to the state, but its location also makes it prone to hurricanes. Homeowners in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Florida no longer have to cover their homes with sheets of plywood, thanks to impact windows. These window products are effective deterrents from home invaders, protect properties from storm damage, and help homeowners save money on energy costs.

When shopping for impact windows and doors, look for a U-factor lower than 0.6, and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) below 0.35. These characteristics will significantly reduce heat transfer and keep your home insulated from the outdoor temperatures.

Castle Impact Windows and doors also prevent skin aging from direct sunlight as well as fabric, paints, and artwork from fading from the harsh UV lights. The special coating and materials used on these windows offer protection from harmful UV rays year round. This feature will be appreciated by any future homebuyers and may increase your property value.


Replacing windows is a significant investment, and homeowners are right to weigh cost against performance. A reputable window company will disclose public and private credentials, guarantees, and past projects to help you make an informed decision. They should also have a residential, glazing, or general license from the state Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Conventional windows are not capable of defending homes during serious storms. They can be ripped off by strong winds and shattered by debris. On the other hand, impact windows and doors are made of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer and framed in robust vinyl frames. The unique construction keeps hurricane-force winds and flying debris from breaching a home’s building envelope.

Additionally, impact windows block harmful uv rays, reduce exterior noise, and prevent burglary while reducing home energy costs. These features can boost a property’s value and add safety for occupants. In some cases, the cost of installing impact windows pays for itself through insurance policy discounts and improved home protection.


While some homeowners opt for hurricane shutters, impact windows and doors are a more attractive alternative that offer a return on investment. These products defend properties from high winds, extreme weather conditions, and debris-generated projectiles during a storm, while maintaining a view of the surrounding scenery.

The laminate in between the glass panels of impact windows helps them withstand a greater degree of pressure from windborne debris than standard windows. They are also renowned for their theft-prevention capabilities, which may help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Moreover, window tinting helps lower HVAC costs by filtering out solar heat and retaining interior warmth during winter. This energy-saving feature can significantly cut your utility bills. Additionally, quality window tints are less expensive and more hassle-free to install than replacement windows. Thus, they are a great choice for home and business owners seeking to make a wise investment.